About K Street Financial

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K Street Financial is a boutique financial planning practice based in Washington, DC with expertise in a wide variety of both personal and business planning topics. We know that clients are best served by a team of highly credentialed, service-focused professionals that act in their best interest. It's through this lens we’ve built and grown our organization. Our unique, planning-driven and outcomes-oriented approach to wealth management is a refreshing shift from the traditional approach where the investment portfolio & “beating the market” is often the plan. We strive to build lifetime relationships with the families that we serve while providing comprehensive and unbiased guidance through a bespoke planning process that delivers financial clarity, confidence, and security.

On a daily basis, we engage with individual professionals, families and business owners to help them uncover what is most important to them and empower them to achieve their goals with a customized roadmap. While most people we interact with are executing on some solid planning fundamentals and might categorize themselves as “good-savers”, for most there is no unifying plan to how all their various goals can be accomplished in unison. One of our greatest value-adds to clients is helping folks prioritize savings strategies and cash flow across their often-competing financial objectives and helping drive behavioral alpha by removing emotions from the decision-making process and infusing operational and expense efficiencies across their plans. We plan with the end-in-mind and help clients build balance sheets designed to prepare them for a successful and tax-efficient distribution plan to help achieve their major goals such as education of children, retiring comfortably and stress-free and intergenerational transfers of wealth.

Due to our team-approach to client engagement, we have the ability and expertise to work with people at all stages in life. Our practice has a lot of flexibility regarding the manner in which we can engage with existing and potential clients: a solution based planning engagement where we help an individual or company implement a specific planning strategy, a more comprehensive fee-for-service engagement where the holistic discussion around goals, gaps and recommendations are independent from implementation or a combination approach that incorporates holistic planning with strategic implementation.